Diep.io Latest Version Download

Diep.io, a third, program based diversion sensation is surprising the web, joining the positions of mainstream forerunners, Agar.io and Slither.io. Yet, not at all like Slither.io, which appeared to be really simple to understand in the wake of playing Agar.io, Diep.io, carries comparative gameplay includes yet with a few contorts that makes it an out and out various brute.


On the off chance that you've recently begun playing Diep.io however you truly haven't gotten the idea about the diverse tank classes, when to redesign and what details are most useful, we've assembled an amateur's manual for playing the amusement and step up without utilizing any tricks.


There are 8 diverse detail redesigns you can utilize. When you step up your tank, a detail menu appears to one side of your amusement screen. The following are the details you can browse. You select a detail by tapping on the in addition to sign alongside each.


  • Wellbeing Regen - Increases the life recuperation rate of your tank
  • Max Health - Increases the most extreme life
  • Body Damage - Improves the harm brought about by impact with different players or snags
  • Slug Speed - Increases the speed of the shot
  • Shot Penetration - Bullets experience snags and players
  • Slug Damage - Improves the harm brought on by shot
  • Reload - Interval diminished shots
  • Development Speed - Increases development speed of your tank


Each of these details clearly brings its own arrangements of advantages and as you consider the Tank class you will pick, you'll need to include complimentary updates. For instance, marksmen stack slower so you'll need to make the most of their shots.

You'll additionally need to consider the sorts of players you see on the load up at the time. On the off chance that the server is stacked with players, for example, wellbeing overhauls may prove to be useful.


There are four distinctive tank classes in Diep.io, which show up once you've achieved a level 15 tank. Each class offers its own interesting advantages:


  • Twin - Adds a moment firearm shooting at a similar recurrence
  • Expert rifleman - Increases the scope of vision and the shot harm. Class with slower shooting
  • Assault rifle - Cannon expands the point and shoots shots speedier
  • Flank Guard - Fires in two unique headings
  • At levels 30 and 45, the above classes move up to significantly more intense tanks. They are as per the following:
  • Twin - > Triplet - > Pentashot
  • Expert marksman - > Overseer - > Overlord
  • Automatic rifle - > Destroyer - > Mega Destroyer
  • Flankguard - > Twin Flank - > Octotank
  • Refresh: another Necromancer class was included Wednesday. Discover what it does and how to get it, here.